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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Guoqiudi Morning Post on May 22!


In the early hours of this morning, according to the Spanish media Corbe Radio, due to the local government's epidemic prevention requirements, this season's La Liga rematch will be postponed to June 19, and the specific schedule is expected to be announced next week. Fans and friends who are looking forward to the return of La Liga will have to wait a little longer this time.

根据西班牙媒体Corbe Radio的报道,由于当地政府对防疫的要求,在今早的凌晨,本赛季的西甲复赛将推迟至6月19日,具体的时间表预计将于下周公布。期待西甲回归的球迷和朋友们这次将不得不等待更长的时间。

Yesterday, the Chinese men's football team organized a warm-up match with Shanghai SIPG. In the end, the national team won 4-1, while the naturalized player Luo Guofu retired from the match.


Please see the details below.


According to Radio Kobe, the restart time of La Liga this season will be postponed, and the previous report will be changed from June 12 to June 19.


On May 21st, the National Football Team and SIPG had a warm-up match. The match was closed without broadcast. The national football team won the game 4-1 with Tan Long's score and Wei Shihao and Dong Xuesheng's goals. The goal for SIPG is the new aid Lopez. Luo Guofu exited due to injury in the 29th minute of the first half.

5月21日,国家橄榄球队和SIPG进行了热身赛。比赛已结束,没有播放。国家足球队以谭龙的得分以及魏世浩和董学胜的进球赢得了4-1的比赛。 SIPG的目标是新的援助欧宝体育最新官网洛佩兹。罗国富在上半场第29分钟因受伤退出比赛。

Recently, the "Marca" has begun to brainstorm again, conceiving a super shooter. In this super shooter, you can find the shadows of Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldo and many other stars.


According to official sources from Juventus, the entire team underwent a nucleic acid test yesterday and the results were all negative and no one was infected.


On May 21, Beijing time, Goal website Juventus and team reporter Agresti revealed that Brazil international Neymar was recommended to Juventus by the management team, but because the Bianconeri already owns Ronaldo, they cannot afford it. Mar's salary.


According to SVT Sport, during the World Cup in France, the Swedish women's football goalkeeper Heidewig Lindahl received death threats after defeating the German women's football team with the Swedish women's football team, who claimed to be raped and mutilated her.

根据SVT Sport的说法,在法国世界杯期间,瑞典女足门将海德维希·林达尔(Heidewig Lindahl)与瑞典女足击败了德国女足后遭到死亡威胁,后者声称遭到强奸并致残。

Recently, the well-known football equipment website FootyHeadlines revealed Manchester City's third jersey next season. The design style of this jersey is unique, as if opening a biology textbook.


According to official sources from the National Football Team, in today's teaching match with SIPG, Luo Guofu retired due to injury in the 29th minute of the game. Reporter Song Chengliang said that Luo Guofu suffered a muscle strain on the back of his right thigh, which may be related to the lack of adequate and strong competition for a long time. This situation usually rests for three weeks.


At 10:00 on May 21st, Beijing time, Shandong Luneng Taishan and Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang played the second friendly match. In the first half, Duan Liuyu volleyed and broke the net. Li Hailong made a refill shot in the restricted area. Tian Xin was injured and replaced by Wu Xinghan. Easy side battle again, Han Qingsong accumulated two yellow cards and was sent off, Li Peng made a supplementary shot for Huang Hai to regain a city. In the end, Shandong Luneng Taishan defeated Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang 2-1.


According to reporter Miao Yuan, Tianjin Tianhai has already received 40 million yuan in transfer fees, but players must accept a 50% pay cut + give up May wages to get the money.


According to domestic media PP Sports, former Tianhai players Mi Haolun and Liu Yue have arrived in Shenzhen and are infinitely close to joining the Shenzhen Kaisa Club.

据国内体育媒体PP Sports报道,前天海选手米浩伦和刘悦已经抵达深圳,并无限接近加入深圳凯萨俱乐部。

At present, players such as Exon, Goulart, Luo Guofu and Alan have been naturalized successfully and have obtained Chinese residence and ID cards. According to the Brazilian media "onefootball", if these naturalized players want to change back to Brazilian nationality, they need to get Chinese consent.

目前,埃克森,古拉特,罗国富和艾伦等球员已经成功入籍,并获得了中国居民身份证。根据巴西媒体“ onefootball”的说法,如果这些入籍球员想改回巴西国籍,则需要获得中国的同意。

Recently, Jiang Zhipeng apologized to Dashu Hashioka for his dangerous actions in the 2019 East Asian Cup in a program by the media person Sun Lei, and the other party also accepted. And yesterday, Hashioka Dashu once again talked about Jiang Zhipeng's actions, and said that he knew that Jiang Zhipeng was not intentional.


Recently, Juventus central defender Chiellini recalled the experience of being bitten by Suarez in the 2014 World Cup. He said he admires the Uruguayan forward and believes that he must learn to be smart if he wants to defeat his opponent.


All matters concerning the return of the Premier League have been put on the agenda, and the teams have resumed small-scale joint training. In an interview with a fan magazine, Manchester United coach Solskjaer talked about the importance of player attitude.


The retired Spanish referee Eduardo Iturralde González bluntly stated in the radio show "El Larguero" last night that "90% of the referees in La Liga are Real Madrid fans".


Recently, SIPG foreign aid Hulk accepted an interview with ESPN TV reporters. He said that he might go to other places to play next year.


Huang Shenghua, chairman of Guangzhou R&F Football Club, said in an interview with Football News that this year’s league bubble has squeezed 70%, and Chinese football will return to rationality in 2020.


On May 21, Beijing time, the British media "The Sun" discovered a new thing, that is, Chelsea midfielder Kanter changed cars. When going to the training base on Tuesday, Kanter was not sitting in a BMW Mini, but driving a Mercedes.


Liverpool has recently resumed training, Salah also drove to the training ground, his car window windshield was photographed cracked.


A few days ago, "The Sun" counted the changes of Ronaldo’s hairstyle from his childhood to the present. Which one do you think is the best?


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